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User Friendly

Keeping it simple helps with removing human error in the treatment process. Our user friendly machine and formula does exactly that so treatment is done correctly the first time.

Soldaguard DN-007 fogging machine


Our user-friendly and carefully designed machine that dispenses Soldamist DN-420 as a dry fog. This allows the solution to penetrate the most difficult to reach areas and leaves no residue.

Soldamist DN-420 sanitizing and deodorizing oil-based solution


Our proprietary solution that consists of natural essential oils that are highly concentrated plant extracts. These are obtained by steam distillation, cold pressing, and extraction of CO2, a method of solvent extraction which does not leave any residue or alter the oil’s chemical composition. *Each bottle covers up to 15,000 square feet.

Soldanizer DN-723 multi-purpose sanitizer spray


Our multi-purpose sanitizer that is soft on hands and tough on germs.

Vaccine Production Line


Our Team is Here to Help

Work with Soldaguard specialists to develop a customized training implementation plan that educates your team.

Our experienced team provides you with all the resources needed to create a training implementation plan that suits your teams operational capability and ensures your team achieves operational knowledge critical to preparing them for a variety of scenarios.

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