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Soldaguard DN-007 fogging machine


A More Natural Way Without the Wetness


Soldaguard Founder Identifies a Gap in the Market

Our founder (US Army Veteran) and wife (ICU nurse), were part of a development team that was focusing on a product to neutralize odors. With a passion of developing products that would make a difference in the world, they continued to push forward with research and development.

Soldamist natural essential oil-based solution
Stage Mist
A Dry Product
Rosemary Sprig
Natural Oil-Based
Air Duct
Air Systems

Everything in the market was water-based, labor intensive, abrasive, and intrusive.

Most products were toxic and didn't utilize safe natural plant extracts.

Other products did not get into the vent systems that carry around our air.

Soldaguard veteran owed business


Opportunity to Make a Bigger Difference

Soldaguard found themselves with an opportunity to apply their passion and expertise to the challenge the world was facing. At this time, more key players were brought into the company to run operations and marketing. In April 2020, Soldaguard was officially introduced to the market and named in honor of our founder’s military service background.


Moving Into the Future

The backbone of Soldaguard has remained strong. The team has had a chance to step back and refocus on the WHAT and WHY of the company. We offer green/non-toxic solutions that solve a wide variety of issues for air systems and indoor spaces without creating labor or downtime. We do this because it creates a safer/healthier environment for those we care about the most: our family, friends, peers, pets, and people in general.

Hand Opening Window


Our mission is to provide natural solutions that enhance the well-being and safety for everyone.

We achieve this by offering a dry, non-toxic solution, that stands proudly among a market flooded with water-based products. With an optimistic view of the future, we continuously push and develop our offerings to be the best we can.

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