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The Perfect Add-On Service Without the Add-On Labor

The first non-toxic, dry solution, that runs through vent systems and treats indoor areas without the labor, downtime, or wetness associated with water-based products.


Setting a New Standard for Application Methods

The magic lies in the natural oil-based formula that utilizes a special method of solvent extraction to remove residue when applied as a dry fog. The minimal labor and short dwell time, combined with its ability to penetrate into the most difficult areas, makes it practical for almost any indoor environment. 

Soldamist oil-based solution


Effective in Getting to the Toughest Areas

Our strategically designed formula expands to fill the entire space and get into all of the toughest areas that wipes and sprays cannot get to. While using the vent system as the delivery system is recommended, applying directly into an area is also effective.

Soldaguard laboratory


Who We Are

We are a veteran-owned company that makes our proprietary solution in the USA. Soldaguard has assembled an experienced team that shares the vision of creating products that enhance the quality of life for all. The proprietary solution that Soldaguard offers, Soldamist, is the differentiating factor that separates it from a market flooded with water-based products.



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