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  • Will it discolor fabrics or other surfaces?
  • Is it safe around electronics?
  • What is the dwell time?
    10 minutes. After that, you can open up doors and window or allow the fog to dissipate naturally after about 20 minutes.
  • Will the fog set off smoke detectors?
    Yes, it can trigger some smoke detectors. These can be covered or temporarily removed/disabled during treatment.
  • Do I need to be certified to use this product?
  • How many square feet of treatment is in each 75ml bottle?
    Up to 15,000 square feet.
  • How do I know how much fog is needed for an area?
    Each 15 seconds the machine runs will treat 500 square feet (ie. For a 2,000 square foot room, you would run the machine for 60 seconds). See our Dispersal Calculator and also the Operating Manual on the Resources page for more detailed information.
  • Do I always need to run it through the vent system?
    No, you can dispense directly into the room or rooms you want to treat. The fog will expand to reach all areas.
  • What does Soldamist smell like?
    This is our herbal scent and smells mostly like eucalyptus. It is very pleasant smelling and naturally fades after treatment. Imagine being at a health spa.
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